12074762_1638821153043549_3567378574285023596_nWe are happy you are here! Our passion is to support the musicians and artists that provide all of use with the entertainment and amazement that we enjoy every week in Austin. We are a dedicated staff of music lovers, enthusiasts, and professionals. With ties to the Austin Young Chamber Society, Austin Music Alliance, Austin Musicians Union, and Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. Our commitment is to provide you with up-to-date news and content that will keep you informed of all the amazing entertainment that Austin has to offer.

Code of Ethics:

  1. We believe that every artist deserves a media platform for promotion.
  2. We believe that the only news worth spreading is positive news.
  3. We believe that each musician and artist be treated fairly and with an open mind.
  4. We believe that when we support music, music supports us when we need it most.
  5. We believe in the commitment to high-quality content and superior reporting.

Code of Intentions:

  1. Our intention is to serve.
  2. Our intention is to focus on positivity.
  3. Our intention is to dig deep into the unique lives of musicians and artists.
  4. Our intention is to be consistent and refined.
  5. Our intention is to keep current and ahead of trends.

Code of Journalism:

  1. We are dedicated to providing ethical journalism.
  2. We are dedicated to recruiting new talent with fresh perspectives.
  3. We are dedicated to a vast view on music and the entertainment industry.
  4. We are dedicated to allowing all perspectives a chance to be validated.
  5. We are dedicated to writing with integrity and complete transparency.