An Irresistible, Spectacular Journey, The Aluminum Show Brings Stellar Visuals to the Long Center

October 26 / Tickets on Sale Now!

July 15, 2016 (Austin, TX)—A future generation’s answer to The Blue Man Group, The Aluminum Show is headed to Austin with all its shock, awe, and—you guessed it—oodles of aluminum in all shapes and sizes! The Aluminum Show will be on stage at the Long Center October 26—tickets are on sale today!

What began as a chance encounter between a brilliant mind and a hardware store errand, transformed into a creative maelstrom of whimsical characters, playful visuals, and a riveting story. This new and unique show brings the material, the music, and the artists together on stage in a magical, mystery-filled creation combining visual theater, dance, and humor. The Aluminum Show is an exciting, multi-sensory experience the likes of which audiences have never before seen.

This show trades typical artistic tools for metal while uniquely captivating audiences with a classic story of good and evil. Told with humor and mystery, aluminum pipes come to life to illustrate one man’s incredible journey to a parallel universe—a futuristic planet made entirely of aluminum—a world where the forces of beauty and compassion strive to triumph over the forces of intrigue and fear, much like our own. “Every place in the world we go, the audience is different,” says Ilan Azriel, co-creator of the international Aluminum Show. But the core of the story is universal.

Originally produced in Israel, the new show was written and directed by Lior Kalfo, creator of the internationally successful shows “Voca People,” “Fantasy,” and “Glow,” with choreography by Ido Tadmor, one of Israel’s foremost choreographers, and under the artistic direction of Ilan Azriel.

Come encounter bizarre characters, larger-than-life-figures, and journey through a new world with The Aluminum Show. Be prepared to participate!

Tickets are available at or by calling (512) 474.LONG (5664). Also available at the Long Center’s 3M Box Office located at 701 West Riverside Drive at South First Street.  For groups of 10 and more, please call 512-457-5161 or


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