The Dennis Ludiker Trio will play a fine acoustic concert TODAY, Wednesday, June 29th, 2016, doors open at 7:00 PM.

The Players…
— Dennis Ludiker: Fiddle & Mandolin
— Noah Jeffries: Guitar
— Trevor Smith: Banjo
— Jesse Dalton: Double Bass
— Brian Beken: Drums

Dennis Ludiker Trio -Facebook:

Doors open at 7:00
 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
BYOB and hors d’oeuvres are welcome!
$25 suggested donation for the musicians.
Ham Jam House -Concerts link…
Go to  
Heads up…

06/29/2016: Dennis Ludiker Trio Concert -7:00 PM
07/09/2016: Sarah Pierce Concert -7:00 PM
07/17/2016: Ken Gains Concert -7:00 PM
07/23/2016: Byrd & Street Concert -7:00 PM
07/29/2016: Grouchy Like Riley Concert -7:00 PM
08/06/2016: Sieker Band Concert -7:00 PM
08/13/2016: Michael Fracasso Concert -7:00 PM
08/21/2016: Doug MacLeod Concert -2:00 PM
08/27/2016: Scones Concert -7:00 PM
09/02/2016: Ruby Jane Concert -7:00 PM
09/08/2016: Sarah McQuaid Concert -7:00 PM
09/17/2016: Joel Guzman Concert -7:00 PM
09/24/2016: Levi Stephens Concert -7:00 PM
10/08/2016: Paper Moon Shiners Concert 7:00 PM
10/14/2016: Rosellys Concert 7:00 PM
10/20/2016: Ky Hote Concert -7:00 PM
10/29/2016: Dana Cooper Concert -7:00 PM
11/12/2016: George Ensle Concert -7:00 PM
11/20/2016: Kelley McRae Concert -2:00 PM
12/02/2016: Ruby Jane Christmas Concert -7:00 PM
12/11/2016: Better Halves Christmas Concert -2:00 PM
12/17/2016: Rupert Wates Concert -7:00 PM
12/30/2016: Piney Grove Ramblers -7:00 PM

  — Take the Far West exit off of N. Mopac (Loop 1)
— Go west on Far West to Hart Lane (the last traffic light)
— Turn left (south) onto Hart Lane and go one block
— Turn right (west) onto North Hills Dr. and go one block
— Turn left (south) onto Thorncliff and go 1/2 block
— Turn right into the Mia Tia cul-de-sac
— 3800 is at the top of the cul-de-sac with an ivy-covered wall around it.

The best Parking is on the North Hills Drive side of the house. There’s even a parking lot across the street at Murcheson Junior Highschool. Walk up my driveway and through the back yard to get in. Mine is the only driveway on North Hills between Thorncliff and Rockledge.

If you park in the Mia Tia Circle cul-de-sac please be careful to leave neighbor’s driveways clear!

Find the Ham Jam House using Google Maps.

It will be good to see you folks again!
Daren Appelt
3800 Mia Tia Circle
Austin, TX  78731


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