Connecticut musician brings awareness to Lyme Disease with music festival

Gregg KirkGregg Kirk is a powerhouse of a guy. A musician, philanthropist, and someone you need to know. He’s using the power of music and the crowds of live music audiences to bring awareness to lyme disease.

According to WebMD(the most trusted medical online website), a tick is responsible for Lyme disease when it shows up in new areas in the U.S., a worrisome trend. Although the majority of cases are still reported in the Northeast, the black-legged tick — also known as the deer or bear tick — has been found as far south as Florida and as far north as Canada, data from the CDC show. And while experts say it’s impossible to forecast how bad this tick season from about spring to winter will be, cases have been trending upward – doubling nationwide between 1995 and 2014. CDC epidemiologist Paul Mead, MD, says there’s been a steady, gradual increase in cases of the disease and the areas where the ticks live. “It’s like a bomb going off; it’s spreading in all directions,” says Mead, chief of epidemiology and surveillance activity, Bacterial Diseases Branch. For most people, the disease causes flu-like symptoms. About 80% of people who get it fully recover by taking antibiotics, says John Aucott, MD, of the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center.

As you can see, this is a very strong concern where support and education need to be fortified and supplied. The fact is lyme disease can negatively impact the quality of anyone’s life. It doesn’t matter the age, gender, or even geographic location. This is something that happens regularly and to the best-intentioned individuals.

Thanks to Gregg, there is now a way that you can take action that further helps spread awareness and support for the disease. Gregg and his foundation Ticked Off Foundation have started a movement of music festivals that allow for patrons to donate to lyme disease awareness and financial support. There are massive plans to bring this festival to Austin in the no so distant future. Gregg and his team has started the Recycle for Lyme initiative that allows you to support his efforts by being anywhere in the world. Here are the steps:



Choose your program:

    • PERSONAL CARE PACKAGING — Collect hair care packaging, skin care packaging, and cosmetic packaging. CLICK HERE to see an example of these items. For this program, you have to accumulate at least 11 lbs. of packaging before sending. If you ship a box that is less than 11 lbs. on this program to TerraCycle, Ticked Off Foundationwill NOT receive any donations… so please weigh your boxes before sending!


  • ORAL CARE PACKAGING — Collect mouthwash bottles & caps, deodorant bottles & caps, toothpaste tubes & caps, soap packaging, floss containers, and toothbrushes. CLICK HERE to see examples of them. For this program, you have to accumulate at least 5 lbs. of packaging before sending. If you ship a box that is less than 5 lbs. on this program to TerraCycle, Ticked Off Foundation will NOT receive any donations… so please weigh your boxes before sending!

You are permitted to collect for both programs but the shipments must be sorted separately. Ask friends, family, fellow Lymies.  Collect at home or your workplace, school and church.  Engage local businesses, social clubs, and Lyme support groups to donate their recycling, too.

All of the above are traditionally considered non-recyclable items that would ordinarily be destined for the landfill.

2. SHIP:


TerraCycle will recycle the packaging they receive from us into cool, new products, keeping these materials out of our landfill sites and thereby helping to save the environment!


Each piece of packaging TerraCycle receives from us will be converted into a $0.02 donation to the Ticked Off Foundation patient fund. Obviously, the more packaging material we send them, the higher the donations … and the more we help save the planet!

(via Ticked Off Foundation)

Our mission is to provide financial assistance and support to Lyme and tick-borne disease patients over the age of 25 who are in crisis. We do this through grants and counseling in an effort to stem the tide of Lyme-related suicides. According to Dr. Joseph Jemsek (MD from Washington, DC), “The most common cause of death in Lyme disease is suicide.” Through our efforts and support through generous donations and sponsors, we hope to put this reality in the past.

Gregg Kirk @ Ticked Off Music Fest Hawaii 


Recycle of Lyme 

Ticked Off Foundation Facebook

Ticked Off Foundation Website


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